2011 / 04 / 22

ROO SPOK Asks Karelia Government to Earmark Valuable Forests for SPNAs.

The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK is calling upon the republic to follow the example of neighboring oblasts in reserving land for Specially Protected Natural Areas. In particular, in February of this year, the government of the Murmansk oblast approved a resolution to reserve over 142,000 hectares in the Kolsky forest district as the Lapland Forest State Nature Reserve, which will protect old-growth forests and mountain tundra from commercial development.

According to ROO SPOK, the republic also needs to reserve as Specially Protected Natural Areas those parts of the forest reserve that have not been leased to logging companies and on which SPNAs have been designated in the regional land use plan. Currently, there are 16 planned SPNAs in Karelia that are not part of the leased forest reserve, and which comprise more than 637,000 hectares. Aleksandr Markovsky, head of ROO SPOK, noted that “this step will allow the republic to avoid the sharp land-use conflicts that the Karelia government encountered after the recent leasing of forest reserve areas located in the protected area of the Kostomuksha State Nature Reserve.”

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