2011 / 03 / 24

Karelia Agrees to Logging in Current and Planned SPNAs.

The plans of OOO Kostomukshsky Development Company to begin a priority investment forest exploitation project are in opposition to the regional land use plan approved by the government of Karelia in 2007. This was determined by the staff of the Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK, which has studied the order approving the company’s application for this project. The order was issued by the former Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Karelia on May 7, 2009.

According to documents from Ministry staff, OOO KSK proposed leasing dozens of quadrants in the Voynitsa, Kimasozero, Konets-Ostrov, Rugozero, Tikshina, and Rebolsk forest districts for logging. However, many sites in these forests are located in the protected areas of the Kostomuksha State Nature Reserve and are included in the planned Specially Protected Natural Areas whose creation was established in the regional land use plan. In particular, a number of leased quadrants are in the planned protected area of the Kalevala National Park, the Spokoyny Scenic Reserve, and the Rugozero Village Marsh Natural Monument. Furthermore, the Voynitsa Scenic Reserve has already been created on the sites in the Voynista forest district that the former Ministry of Forestry agreed to lease to OOO KSK for logging, and commercial felling in the SPNA is categorically forbidden.

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