2011 / 02 / 25

OOO Medvezhegorsky Lespromkhoz Proclaims Moratorium on Logging in Planned Zaonezhsky Nature Park and Other SPNAs.

OOO Medvezhegorsky Lespromkhoz has joined OAO Segezhsky TsBK in a moratorium on logging and road construction on their leased timberlands that are within planned Specially Protected Natural Areas. The company announced it will not conduct any logging or road construction operations in the forest quadrants of the Central Medvezhegorsky Forest Service where, according to the regional land use plan, the Zaonezhsky Nature Park will be created and the Komarnitsky Marsh Natural Monument will be expanded. OOO Medvezhegorsky Lespromkhoz also will not log in the planned protected area of the Vodlozero National Park.

The company’s official letter was sent to the republic’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology, the Forest Institute of the Karelia Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the accounting firm NEPCON, and the Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK. As stated in the letter, the moratorium on logging and road construction operations was enacted before the interested parties (scientific institutions, conservation organizations, and NGOs) conferred on setting the borders of the SPNAs and establishing the conditions for public use of the areas. OOO Medvezhegorsky Lespromkhoz, like OAO Segezhsky TsBK, is part of the Investlesprom timber industry holding company.

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