2011 / 03 / 25

Shrinking Taiga: old-growth forests of Northern Europe

This twenty-minute tape, narrated by professional ecologists, tells the story of the unique intact taiga forests. Analysts believe that only around 10 percent of these forests remain in Northern Europe. The film presents the amazing diverse world of the European taiga, which is almost completely unknown to the most of the population on the continent.

“Many Europeans today don’t even know the meaning of the word taiga,” says Aleksandr Markovsky, head of ROO SPOK and one of the authors of the film’s script. “The rapid development of industrial civilization led to the depletion of undisturbed forests, and by the beginning of the twenty-first century, practically no areas of Old World taiga had survived without anthropogenic impact. In our film, we have tried to show how the intact forests are unique and why they need to be protected from commercial development. Indeed, the European taiga continues to disappear, and during the time it takes to run the film, approximately 3 hectares of intact forest will be cut down in Northern Europe.”

The filming of The Disappearing Taiga: The Intact Forests of Northern Europe took place in the summer of 2010 during a joint expedition to the intact forests of Karelia by Karelian and Finnish ecologists. The following cinematographers and photographers from Estonia worked on the film: Virko Veskoja, Kaarel Kivikangur, Oleg Hartsenko, and Aivo Kallas.

According to the Finnish ecologists, The Disappearing Taiga is the first European film about the intact taiga forests.

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