2012 / 11 / 19

SPOK Supports Drevlyanka Residents Advocating Preservation of Woodlands near Lyagushka Spring

A public hearing on the development plan for a new residential district known as Drevlyanka-9 was held on 21 November at the Petrozavodsk administration building. The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK is supporting the complaints of many of the residents of Drevlyanka who are taking a stand to preserve the woodlands near the Lyagushka Spring, the planned site of the new residential district. The forest around the spring has long been used by local residents for recreation, and, in the opinion of the SPOK experts who have been inventorying the municipal woodlands for several years, these woodlands are currently the best-planned recreational area in the Karelian capital. Local residents have constructed wooden bridges in the forest, restored an area near the spring, as well as produced a map of the woodlands. There simply isn’t any other area that can be used by the residents in this part of Drevlyanka (in the region of Syktyvkarskaya Street and Popova Street).

The plan for Drevlyanka-9 was first developed in accordance with the General Plan of the Petrozavodsk Urban District that was adopted in 2008. It was in the planning stages of this document that SPOK informed the municipal government that the proposed land zoning was carried out without an assessment of the natural and recreational value of the municipal forests and without any information on their condition. At that time, SPOK prepared proposals to correct the General Plan, including a proposal to protect the green areas of the Neglinka floodplain. However, these proposals were not considered. As a result of the adoption of the General Plan in 2008, many forest lands long used by Petrozavodsk residents for recreation were slated for development—areas around the Lyagushka Spring, in Studenchesky Gorodok and Kukkovka, as well as in other areas. Following the approval of the document, SPOK repeatedly appealed to the municipal government to inventory the municipal woodlands and make changes to the General Plan to protect any valuable recreational and natural resources that might be identified. However, this has not been done.

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