2012 / 12 / 17

Forest Portal of Karelia Wins Award in City Heading for the Future Competition

On 17 December the award ceremony for the winners of the tenth City Heading for the Future competition was held at the Kalevala cinema. Among the prize winners this year was The Forest Portal of Karelia, which took third place in the Information Project 2012 category.

The Forest Portal of Karelia provides an independent source of information about Karelia’s forests. The portal was established by The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOKwith a grant from the Small Projects Program of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Matra/KAP).

The primary focus of the portal is preserving nature and ensuring the rights of the people of the republic to a favourable environment by providing reliable information on woodland resources and the rights of citizens to become involved in the forest management process. To achieve this The Forest Portal of Karelia collects and distributes information on the current condition, problems, and perspectives on the future development of the forestry sector in the republic. It also provides information on the rights of citizens to become involved in the decision making processes of forest management, holds open forums on key questions relating to the forest and its development, and raises awareness of the latest scientific and practical developments towards a sustainable forestry industry and forest conservation.

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