2012 / 11 / 08

NGO SPOK Asks Audit Firms to Suspend FSC Chain-of-custody Certificates Issued to OAO Segezhsky LDK, OAO Segezhsky TsBK, OOO Segezhsky Packaging, and ZAO Investlesprom

The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK has requested that the audit firms BM TRADA Certification Ltd., ZAO SZhS Vostok Limited, and OOO NEPCon suspend the chain-of-custody certificates for OAO Segezhsky LDK, OAO Segezhsky TsBK, and OOO Segezhsky Packaging, which are part of the timber company Investlesprom Holding. It is also requesting the suspension of the chain-of-custody certificate of Investlesprom itself.

The request was based on logging this year by OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh in High Conservation Value Forests (HCVFs) in the area of the planned Zaonezhsky Nature Park. OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh is part of Investlesprom Holding and has a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Forest Management Certificate. Also, in September and October 2012, NGO SPOK scientists carried out an independent inspection of lands leased by OAO Segezhsky TsBK, OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh, and OAO Muezersky LPKh and found numerous violations of forest and conservation law and FSC requirements. All three companies are part of Investlesprom Holding and have FSC Forest Management Certificates. OOO Segezhsky TsBK has been illegally logging their leased lands continuously since 2006, and a special audit of the forest management company confirmed that the leaseholder has taken no measures to end it.

As NGO SPOK explained, these facts prove that Investlesprom Holding has received wood from lands leased by OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh, OAO Segezhsky TsBK, and OAO Muezersky LPKh that was officially designated as FSC-certified, but, in fact, was harvested in HCVFs in violation of either current RF law or FSC Principles and Criteria.

Attachment 1. NGO SPOK letter No. 028/04, dated July 17, 2012, to the leaseholders of the planned Zaonezhsky Nature Park concerning the cessation of logging.

Attachment 2. NGO SPOK letter No. 019/01, dated September 13, 2012, to Yu. N. Andreychuk, executive director of OOO Investlesprom-Timber, concerning the cessation of logging in HCVFs.

Attachment 3. Appeal No. 034/04 to the Environmental Prosecutor for the Republic of Karelia, dated October 1, 2012, concerning the logging of OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh in violation of the law.

Attachment 4. Inspection Document of OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh logging sites, dated October 18, 2012, showing that logging has destroyed Lobaria pulmonaria (a species listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Red Book of the Republic of Karelia) and its habitat.

Attachment 5. Appeal No. 027/01 to the Environmental Prosecutor for the Republic of Karelia, dated October 23, 2012, concerning logging by OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh without the required documentation.

Attachment 6. NGO SPOK letter No. 030/04, dated September 13, 2012, complaining to NEPCon about the logging in HCVFs leased to OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh.

Attachment 7. Complaint to NEPCon No. 024/01, dated October 16, 2012, concerning non-compliance of the operations of OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh and OAO Segezhsky TsBK with FSC Principles and Criteria.

Attachment 8. Violations of the requirements for voluntary FSC Forest Certification found during inspection of the leased facilities of OAO Muezersky LPKh, dated October 24–30, 2012.

Attachment 9. Reply No. 266-3 from M. G. Vasilevskaya of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Karelia, dated July 3, 2012, concerning illegal logging in the Kuchezersky and Chernoporozhsky Forest Districts, which are part of the Segezhsky Central Forest District.

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