2012 / 06 / 09

Tourist rest area in Zaozersky nature reserve equipped by Karelian region public organization SPOK.

The Karelian regional public organization SPOK has finished equipping a tourist rest area in the zakaznik Zaozersky, which is regionally significant, located on the outskirts of Petrozavodsk. SPOK employees, volunteers and attracted experts constructed a wooden table, several benches and a notice board with information about the zakaznik and the largest fir tree in Fennoscandia growing within its territory. The materials for the construction of the table and benches were prepared by OJSC “Severny Zodchy”, and the signs and notice board by OJSC “Agitatsiya”.

The tourist rest area was built as part of an ongoing project to improve the zakaznik Zaozersky infrastructure, that started in 2011 with the financial support of the republican Ministry of Nature Management and Ecology. The aim of this project is to develop opportunities for recreation, ecological education and informational tourism, as well as, for creating the conditions for active tourism of the population within the reserve territory.

According to experts opinion, in the near future, the zakaznik Zaozersky could become one of the popular tourist attractions located close to the Karelian capital. Already now, the largest fir tree in Fennoscandia, which grows in Zaozersky, attracts large numbers of outdoor enthusiasts from Karelia and the rest of  Russia.

Currently, following a request from the Karelian Ministry of Nature Management and Ecology, the Regional public organization SPOK is working to expand the project of an ecological walking trail within the Zaozersky reserve.

“ The development of the zakaznik Zaozersky on the outskirts of Petrozavodsk is one of the first, but at that quite an important step for the attraction of Karelia’s protected areas to ecological tourism development and enhancing the ecological culture of the population. I am certain that the nature potential of the reserve will enable an increase in the touristic attractiveness of  Petrozavodsk for Russian as well as foreign tourists.” – declared the director of the Regional public organization SPOK, Alexandr Markovsky when speaking to the Forest Portal of Karelia.

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