2012 / 11 / 26

A big fine awaits LLC Medvezhegorsky Lespromhoz for the destruction of Redbook species in Zaonezhie

The destruction of Redbook species during clear-cutting activities conducted by LLC Medvezhegorsky Lespromhoz in the area of the planned nature park Zaonezhsky was confirmed by a prosecutorial investigation. This is stated in the reply of the Karelian environmental prosecutor Alexei Patarushina to the appeal directed to the supervisory authority of the Republican environmental organization SPOK, the employees of which discovered scandalous cuttings in Zaonezhie. According to the prosecutor, a case of administrative offense has been initiated under the article “Destruction of rare and endangered species of animals or plants”. The managers of the company have been warned about the inadmissibility of violating the forest and nature conservation law while harvesting timber. Additionally, according to Alexei Patarushin, presently, the Karelian environmental prosecutor’s office is considering sending a claim to the Arbitration Court of the Republic to declare invalid the forest lease agreement signed between the Ministry of Environment and Ecology of Karelia and LLC Medvezhegorsky Lespromhoz, in those parts of the forest where the endangered species are located.

“We think that the reaction of the prosecutor’s office toward the tree cutting in Zaonezhie is adequate, – said the head of the SPOK organization, Aleksander Markovsky. – In Karelia it is necessary to protect all the planned Protected Areas, the creation of which is stipulated by the regional scheme of territorial planning, from industrial exploitation. These protected areas are planned in areas with identified valuable ecosystems or endangered species listed in the Red Book of Karelia and Russia. Planned Protected Areas should be urgently removed from the industrial cycle to avoid the destruction of valuable natural features and new conflicts between timber companies, conservationists and supervisory bodies. The logging example in Zaonezhie further illustrates that closing one’s eyes to cuttings in valuable forests will not be possible”.

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Article 8.35 of the Administrative Code (Destruction of rare and endangered species of animals or plants) envisages, in a form of punishment, a fine from 300,000 to 500,000 rubles with a confiscation of tools for the acquisition of animals or plants.


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