2012 / 11 / 09

SPOK succeeded in stopping valuable forest felling in Zaonezhie.

The timber holding Investlesprom sent an official letter to the head of the Ministry of Environment and Ecology in Karelia and the republican environmental organization SPOK regarding its stop of logging operations in the forest areas of Zaonezhie, rented by Medvezhegorsky Lespromhoz, which is part of the holding. Thus, the Karelian environmental activists managed to stop the felling of valuable forests on the territory of the planned nature park Zaonezhsky.

It should be kept in mind that the clear-cutting in the future nature park, the creation of which is envisaged by the regional territorial planning scheme of Karelia, was revealed by ecologists during a field trip to Zaonezhie in September 2012. During the expedition, the SPOK specialists also found evidence of destruction of valuable mosses and lichens listed in the Red Book of Russia and Karelia. After that the ecologists contacted the Karelian environmental prosecutor’s office with an appeal to take measures of prosecutorial response with regard to the violation of environmental legislation on the LLC Medvezhegorsky Lespromhoz rented forest areas. A number of audit firms were likewise contacted with an appeal to suspend the validity of the forest certificates issued for the LLC Medvezhegorsky Lespromhoz and other companies that are part of the Investlesprom holding that may receive the valuable Zaonezhie forest timber.

“We succeeded in stopping the felling on the territory of the planned nature park Zaonezhsky, but until the valuable forests are removed from the industrial circuit, they will continue to be threatened by commercial use. “The government of Karelia needs to reserve this area for the establishment of a natural park “, – said the head of SPOK, Alexander Markovsky.

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