2012 / 09 / 21

Porosozero timber company declared a moratorium on logging in the planned nature reserve Koytayoki.

SPOK nature conservancy and Porosozero LLC signed an agreement on high conservation value forests conservation within the borders of the planned landscape reserve Koytayoki.

The planned protected area is located on the leasehold area of the company. Porosozero binds itself not to harvest wood, construct roads and avoid other industrial activities that could damage the valuable forest ecosystems.

The company makes a commitment to detect and conserve all high conservation value forests on its leasehold area in line with FSC requirements. Some of these forests are mapped in the atlas “Conserving Valuable Natural Areas in Northwest Russia” (St. Petersburg, 2011).

The agreement outlines the importance of conservation of the valuable forests listed as planned protected areas in the regional Scheme of territorial development.

Both SPOK and Porosozero agree that forests in Karelia should be managed in compliance with modern sustainable practices.

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