2012 / 08 / 30

Swedish ecologists inviting IKEA to start negotiations.

The leaders of Swedish nature conservational NGO «Protect The Forest!» addressed IKEA top managers with a letter inviting them to start discussing the problem of old growth forests logging in Karelia.

Karelia Forest portal reports that the Swedish activists plan to invite Greenpeace Russia and Karelian NGO SPOK to participate in the negotiations.

In spring 2012 Protect The Forest! launched a campaign in Sweden against the loggings of old growth forests in North Karelia that are carried out by Swedwood Karelia LLC, local branch of IKEA. Ecologists accused IKEA of destroying the last surviving massifs of virgin taiga, and of lies to public. IKEA managers have told many times that they don’t cut forests of high conservational value.

Last autumn ecologists attended the forests leased by Swedwood Karelia and proved that the company continued clearcuts within old growth massifs. Field trip participants mapped the sites that were being logged and took photos of logs made of 200-600 years old pines.

The protest campaign initiated in Sweden rapidly expanded to many other countries. So well-known media as Los Angeles Times and Al Jazeera devoted publications to ancient forests loggings in Karelia.

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