2012 / 05 / 21

Karelia Forest Portal Wins 2012 Award from Republic’s Journalists Union.

The ceremony for the winners of the annual awards from the Karelia Journalists Union was held on May 21 at the Expocenter in Petrozavodsk. As Yevgeny Davydov, one of the republic’s distinguished journalists and jury representative, announced to those present, there were more than 60 projects nominated in 10 categories in this year’s creative competition. The Karelia Forest Portal (http://forest-karelia.ru), which was created last autumn, was the winner of one of the three main categories. The news line was named the republic’s best journalism project in online mass media. “For many jury members, the Karelia Forest Portal represents a step forward,” Davydov stated.

The Karelia Forest Portal is an independent resource for information about Karelia’s forests. The portal was created by The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK with a grant from the Small Projects Program (Matra/KAP) of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The project was aimed at preserving nature and guaranteeing the right of the people of the republic to a favorable environment by distributing reliable information about forest resources and informing citizens of their right to participate in forest management.

The purpose of the Karelia Forest Portal is to collect and distribute information about the current state of the republic’s forests, problems within them, and the outlook for their development, as well as to inform citizens of their right to participate in forest management. The portal will organize open discussions on these topics and distribute information about the latest scientific research and practices in the areas of sustainable forest use and forest conservation.

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