2012 / 04 / 26

Swedish Ecologists Demand IKEA and Swedwood Stop Destroying Karelia’s Valuable Forests.

On April 26, the Swedish nature conservation organization Protect the Forest announced the start of a publicity campaign against the activities of the IKEA Group and a subsidiary that is logging in Karelia’s unique old-growth forests. (See their website at Protect the Forest for the complete announcement.) The ecologists are demanding an end to the destruction of valuable tracts of Karelia’s taiga.

“You must immediately stop logging old-growth forests, and you must stop lying! Those are two of the demands that we are making of IKEA. During our field visits to Russian Karelia, we have documented IKEA’s forest use, and it differs dramatically from their advertising claims,” stated Viktor Säfve, chairman of Protect the Forest.

In the autumn of last year, representatives of several Swedish nature conservation organizations inspected timberlands that are leased to Swedwood’s Karelian subsidiary, OOO Swedwood Karelia, in the vicinity of Kostomuksha and in the Kalevala region. The ecologist’s expedition confirmed that the timber company is clearcutting in old-growth forests. The participants photographed logging areas, as well as a stack of pine logs cut from trees between 200 and 600 years old, and recorded site coordinates.

“Swedish forests have been devastated and now the same thing is happening with valuable forests in Russian Karelia,” reported Protect the Forest board member Linda Ellegaard Nordström. The Swedish ecologists are especially indignant that Swedwood Karelia, which was caught destroying unique old-growth forests, received a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certificate.

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