2012 / 03 / 23

ROO SPOK Publishes Russia’s First Regional Map of Federal Forest Leaseholders.

On March 23 in Petrozavodsk, The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK released a schematic map of the republic’s federal forest leaseholders. The organization’s staff compiled the information from records in the state forest registry and from the outcome of forest lease auctions held in Karelia in 2011.

Alexander Markovsky, director of ROO SPOK, noted that rational development of the forest sector is not possible without full disclosure, which led the nature conservation organization to post the map of the region’s federal forest leaseholders on the Internet. “Now any republic resident can easily find out who has leased timberlands in any corner of Karelia,” Markovsky stated.

According to Markovsky, the first such map was compiled not just for the republic, but also for Russia. To see the map of the republic's federal forest leaseholders, go to the Map section on the Karelia Forest Portal website (www.forest-karelia.ru).

The Karelia Forest Portal is an independent resource for information about Karelia’s forests. The portal was created by The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK with a grant from the Small Projects Program (Matra/KAP) of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and is aimed at preserving nature and guaranteeing the right of the people of the republic to a favorable environment. The Karelia Forest Portal will collect and distribute information about the current state of the republic’s forests, problems within them, and the outlook for their development, as well as inform citizens of their right to participate in forest management. The portal also will organize open discussions on these topics and distribute information about the latest scientific research and practices in the areas of sustainable forest use and forest conservation.

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