2010 / 08 / 18

ROO SPOK Appeals to Karelia’s Certified Timber Companies to Refrain from Buying Questionable Timber

The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK has appealed to the executives of the republic’s certified timber companies to not purchase wood or raw wood products from regional forest reserve leaseholders who are leasing timberlands that contain planned Specially Protected Natural Areas (SPNAs) but who have not established a conservation policy for them or are logging on them. This recommendation was prompted by the high risk of acquiring wood that was harvested in forests where valuable natural lands and resources may be destroyed by forest use. Such wood cannot be included in certified products.

In Petrozavodsk, on April 7, ROO SPOK submitted the latest ecological responsibility ratings of the republic’s leaseholding forest users. The ratings were determined by the organization’s analysts and were based on how the forest industry companies handle the conservation of the planned Specially Protected Natural Areas being leased to them.

The following group of companies have implemented conservation policies for their leased SPNAs: ZAO Shuyales, OAO Ledmozerskoe LZKh, OAO Pyaozersky LPKh, OAO Segezhsky TsBK, and OOO Swedwood Karelia. Another group of companies have either resolved the issue of conservation within their leased SPNAs or are in the process of resolving it: OAO Ladenso, OAO Lendersky LPKh, OAO LKhK Karellesprom, OAO Muezersky LPKh, OOO Evrolesprom, and OOO Zapkarelles.

The third and most numerous group of companies have not implemented conservation policies for their leased SPNAs or are logging on them. This group also includes leaseholders who have implemented conservation policies for some of their planned SPNAs but not for other planned SPNAs. This third group includes ZAO Karlis-Vyartsilya, ZAO Nord-Inter-House, OAO Medvezhegorsky LPKh, OAO Agrovodsnab, OAO Volomsky LPKh, OAO Yushkozerskoe LPKh, OOO Fregat, OOO Helicon-Onega, OOO Karelskaya sosna, OAO Lakhdenpokhsky LPKh, OOO Mikli, OOO Porosozero, OOO PLO, OOO Pyalmsky Lesopilny Zavod, OOO Vuokatti Karelia, OOO Kostomukshsky LPKh, OOO Rusforest, OOO Lans, OOO Karelfinles, OOO Komileszagotprom, and OOO Areal.

ROO SPOK believes that the companies in this third group threaten the preservation of low-value forests with high conservation value.

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