2009 / 11 / 27

Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Karelia Approves the Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy’s Guidelines for Biodiversity Conservation During Logging Operations

The Ministry of Forestry (Minles) of the Republic of Karelia has adopted the guidelines for biodiversity conservation during logging operations proposed by the Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy (SPOK). The recommendations were discussed during a meeting at the ministry, where it was also decided to institute a standard biodiversity conservation agreement between Minles and the forest land lease holders. At the meeting, the participants agreed that any company that leases forest lands for harvesting timber will have to submit a written application to accept the terms of the agreement to conserve biodiversity during logging operations.

As was noted at the meeting, current federal legislation requires users of natural resources to adopt measures for conserving the biodiversity, natural ecosystem, landscape, and native environment, as well as for maintaining sustainable forest management and optimizing forest potential. However, at present, there is no regulatory document that defines a wildlife habitat and specifies the measures for protecting areas of biodiversity.

Representatives from Minles and SPOK attended the meeting at the ministry along with specialists from some of the republic’s timber companies: OOO Swedwood Karelia, OAO Ladenso, and OAO Olonetsles.

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