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NGO SPOK Asks for Suspension of OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh’s FSC Certificate.

The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK has appealed to the audit firm NEPCon and to the Russian office of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) to suspend the Forest Management Certificate issued to OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh until the issue of preserving High Conservation Value Forests leased to the company has been resolved. Читать дальше… »

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NGO SPOK Makes Proposals for the Draft of Main Objectives for Socio-economic Policy of the Government of the Republic of Karelia until 2017.

The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK has responded to the invitation of the republic’s leader, Alexander Khudilainen, to propose additions and changes to the draft of the Main Objectives of the Socio-economic Policy of the Government of the Republic of Karelia for the Period up to 2017. Читать дальше… »

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NGO SPOK Calls Upon Investlesprom Holding to End Plans for Logging in Valuable Zaonezhie Forests.

On September 13, The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy (SPOK) requested that Anton Zavalkovsky, the general director of the timber industry holding company Investlesprom, and Yuri Andreichuk, the executive director of the holding company for the Republic of Karelia,  change their plans for any logging and road construction in planned Specially Protected Natural Areas (SPNAs) on the Zaonezhsky Peninsula. Читать дальше… »

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NGO SPOK Director Says Unique Intact Forests Preserve Taiga’s Biodiversity and Need Immediate Government Protection.

On September 10, Alexander Markovsky, director of the Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK, announced that 10% of the Karelian taiga is more than 400 years old.  Markovsky was commenting on the statement from the republic’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology that “there cannot be any 400-year-old intact pine forests in Karelia” Читать дальше… »

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NGO SPOK: OAO Kondopoga At Risk of Acquiring Timber Harvested in Valuable Forests.

OAO Kondopoga must not accept delivery of timber harvested in High Conservation Value Forests that are threatened by timber production. This statement was made by the Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK to clarify their request that the company sever their relationship with several of the republic’s timber companies that supply spruce pulpwood to the Kondopoga Pulp and Paper Plant. Читать дальше… »

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Swedish ecologists inviting IKEA to start negotiations.

The leaders of Swedish nature conservational NGO «Protect The Forest!» addressed IKEA top managers with a letter inviting them to start discussing the problem of old growth forests logging in Karelia. Читать дальше… »

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Old growth forests excluded from the leasehold of Kostomuksha Development Company.

In August 2012 Federal Arbitration Court of North-West District upheld the decision of the Arbitration Court of Karelia and declared invalid the forest tenancy agreement of OOO Kostomuksha Development Company for the forest plots within the protective zone of Kostomuksha Strict Nature Reserve. Читать дальше… »

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Forest Reserve Leaseholders in Zaonezhe Urged to Refrain from Logging Intact Forests.

The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK has sent an appeal to several timber companies to exclude intact forests from logging. The companies include OOO Medvezhegorsky LPKh, OOO Evrolesprom, OOO Pyalmsky Lesopilny Zavod, OOO Agrovodsnab, and OAO LKhK Karellesprom, which are leasing forest reserve tracts on the Zaonezhsky Peninsula. Читать дальше… »

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Karelia’s Leader Asked to Investigate Allegations That the Creation of the Ladoga Skerries National Park Is Illegal and Will Lead to the Loss of Property Rights and Other Rights for Residents of Three Northern Priladozhe Regions

On July 10, a group of residents from the Lakhdenpokh’ya, Sortavala, and Pitkyaranta regions and the city of Petrozavodsk sent a letter to Karelia’s leader, Alexander Khudilainen, expressing indignation over the propagandist activities of an initiative group of opponents of the creation of the Ladoga Skerries National Park, who recently organized a meeting in Sortavala. Читать дальше… »

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The largest fir tree in Fennoscandia is included in the Register of Ancient Trees of Russia.

The decision to include the tree in the register was taken by the certifying commission of the All-Russian programme “Trees – Monuments to living nature”, following the consideration of an application sent to the programme by the Karelia Region Nature Conservancy SPOK. Читать дальше… »