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A big fine awaits LLC Medvezhegorsky Lespromhoz for the destruction of Redbook species in Zaonezhie

The destruction of Redbook species during clear-cutting activities conducted by LLC Medvezhegorsky Lespromhoz in the area of the planned nature park Zaonezhsky was confirmed by a prosecutorial investigation. This is stated in the reply of the Karelian environmental prosecutor Alexei Patarushina to the appeal directed to the supervisory authority of the Republican environmental organization SPOK, the employees of which discovered scandalous cuttings in Zaonezhie. Читать дальше… »

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NGO SPOK Asks ZAO Investlesprom to Declare Moratorium on Logging in High Conservation Value Forests Leased to Its Karelian Companies

The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK has asked Yuri Andreichuk, the executive director for the Republic of Karelia of the timber industry holding company Investlesprom Holding, to declare a moratorium on logging and road construction operations in High Conservation Value Forests (HCVFs) that are leased to the firm’s Karelian companies. As noted in the request, HCVFs that have been identified as old-growth forests and virgin woodlands are currently being leased to the firm’s companies. Читать дальше… »

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SPOK Supports Drevlyanka Residents Advocating Preservation of Woodlands near Lyagushka Spring

A public hearing on the development plan for a new residential district known as Drevlyanka-9 was held on 21 November at the Petrozavodsk administration building. Читать дальше… »

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Giant Pine Discovered in Zaozersky Reserve

Sergei Korpusenko, a resident of Petrozavodsk, came to The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK with the news that a giant pine tree is growing near the villages of Zimnik and Barany Bereg. Читать дальше… »

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SPOK succeeded in stopping valuable forest felling in Zaonezhie.

The timber holding Investlesprom sent an official letter to the head of the Ministry of Environment and Ecology in Karelia and the republican environmental organization SPOK regarding its stop of logging operations in the forest areas of Zaonezhie, rented by Medvezhegorsky Lespromhoz, which is part of the holding. Читать дальше… »

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NGO SPOK Asks Audit Firms to Suspend FSC Chain-of-custody Certificates Issued to OAO Segezhsky LDK, OAO Segezhsky TsBK, OOO Segezhsky Packaging, and ZAO Investlesprom

The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK has requested that the audit firms BM TRADA Certification Ltd., ZAO SZhS Vostok Limited, and OOO NEPCon suspend the chain-of-custody certificates for OAO Segezhsky LDK, OAO Segezhsky TsBK, and OOO Segezhsky Packaging, which are part of the timber company Investlesprom Holding. Читать дальше… »

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Clear-cutting on the Zaonezhsky peninsula, Medvezhiegorsk district, Republic of Karelia

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NGO SPOK Asks Public Prosecutor’s Office to Respond to Destruction of Red Book Species and Valuable Forest Ecosystems in Planned Zaonezhsky Nature Park.

The Karelia Regional Nature Conservancy SPOK has requested that Karelia’s Conservation Prosecutor, Aleksei Patarushin, takes prosecutorial action over the destruction of “red book” species and part of their habitat in the planned Zaonezhsky Nature Park during logging in the Velikogubsky Forest District. Читать дальше… »

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NGO SPOK issued recommendations for biodiversity conservation for FSC-certificated companies of Karelia.

Karelia Nature Conservancy SPOK has worked our recommendations for Shuyales JSC and Porosozero LLC on how to meet FSC requirements in terms of biodiversity conservation. Читать дальше… »

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Porosozero timber company declared a moratorium on logging in the planned nature reserve Koytayoki.

SPOK nature conservancy and Porosozero LLC signed an agreement on high conservation value forests conservation within the borders of the planned landscape reserve Koytayoki. Читать дальше… »